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We want to provide you with confidence and certainty when choosing your Solar partner. We know your property is your biggest investment and you are looking for good quality and a cost-efficient solution. We operate all across this beautiful country and are here, ready to help find a solar system that you will love.
We understand you have a choice of solar providers and we will work with you to guarantee a solar solution that you will love. Our customers are our greatest advocates. We go above and beyond to get it right first time.
“It’s like winning Lotto – thank you Solar Australia” – Paul K.

Reasons why
you should
choose solar

  • Stop paying for expensive energy
  • Significantly reduce your energy bills
  • Earn credits to offset your energy costs
  • Start making money selling excess back to the grid
  • Reduce your exposure to electricity companies and price increases
  • Take advantage of the Government Rebates
  • Better for the environment and future generations
  • Generate additional power – good for sustainable energy supply for Australia
  • Systems can pay off in 2-3 years (depending on the size installed)
  • Significant income after payback period
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Reasons to
choose Solar

  • Owned and operated by Australians and only use local fully qualified installers
  • Extensive solar experience and here to help you
  • Obligation-free Solar system designed specifically for your house
  • Show you how the best solar panels system will look on your roof
  • Guarantee peace of mind; we care about your home and won’t cut corners
  • Full range of product options to suit your budget
  • Maximise the Government rebates that you are entitled to
  • Explain the significant savings expected from the life of your Solar system
  • Apply for & get the electricity grid approvals for you
  • Provide the best product warranties available – 10 & 25 Year cover
  • Have Finance options that can eliminate upfront costs
  • Single project manager throughout and excellent after-care service
  • Ensure you get a solar solution that you will love
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Find out everything you need to know about the solar that is right for your home.
Our team is here to help.

Solar you’ll love

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We back our product - and you can too

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We offer a full range of products including Australian-made solar panels. We offer a tailored Solar service designed specifically to your home, your family, your needs.
Solar Australia gives you confidence and certainty when choosing your Solar partner – this is not a time to cut corners.

Best Products

Best Warranty options

Solar Australia sources the top brands through partners Lawrence & Hansen / Sonepar who have over 133 years’ experience in Australia. With more than 150 locations, all over our amazing country, you get to shop local and support local business
  • Panels carry a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Inverters carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Products are backed by L&H / Sonepar

Qualified local electricians & installers

We recruit only CEC Qualified installers who are local to you. This gives comfort of the job being done right, first time, and peace of mind that your know your biggest investment - your house – is safe. Our experts will invest in providing you a tailored proposal and system design for your home. It will then be installed by a network of Solar accredited, highly experienced and local electricians.

Best after-care service

Smart meters can instantly show your energy usage changes.

Ask us how.
“You can count on Australia’s best 25 and 10 year warranties to be confident you will stay in love with your solar.”
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